What is the scientific pupose of a lava lamp?


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I don't know if lava lamps have a scientific purpose, but they sure are fun to watch! Try and make pictures out of the blobs!

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There is actually no scientific purpose of a lava
lamp. They are made as a novelty item for people to have in their
homes or to give as a gift.

However they are made in a scientific way. This is
how a lava lamp works:

  1. Inside the lava lamp there are two liquids. The
    liquids have to be very close in density and also are not soluble to one another.
  2. For example, vinegar and oil are insoluble to each
    other. When you try and mix the two liquids together, they will stay
    separated and you will be able to see a clear divide between them.
  3. Now this is where it gets a bit more confusing.
    The bottom liquid in the lamp will start to heat up from the heat
    from the bulb in the lamp, this will cause it to become less dense
    than the other liquid, and rise up to the top of the lamp.
  4. This will force the heavier liquid to the bottom of the lamp. It is
    this liquid that starts to heat up from the bulb, and the former
    lighter liquid starts to cool. The two liquids swap places and this
    process continues. The heating and cooling of the liquids is quite
    slow, so this is why they take a while to rise and sink to the top
    and bottom of the lamp.

A lot of scientific process takes place in order to allow a
lava lamp to work. Liquid density is the main factor here, and this
plays a part in many real life situations. Take oil spills for example...

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