What is the difference between teachers in olden days and teachers in modern days?


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I think teachers from 50 or 100 years ago would be fairly shocked if they saw what happens in classrooms today!

Whilst teachers will always remain authority figures, approaches to teaching and classroom dynamics have changed dramatically in recent years.

Corporal Punishment:

Corporal punishment (a form of physical punishment involving pain) was once commonplace in schools across the world, with students regularly receiving "the cane".

As someone who grew up without this (it was banned in the UK in 1987, a year before I started school!) it seems crazy to me that this happened, but what's even crazier, is that in 19 US states, it is still legal today...

Teachers of yesteryear were certainly a lot stricter than they are today. The focus was on control by fear and intimidation with lessons taught in silence. Nowadays, lessons are a lot more interactive and relaxed, and personally I think the teaching is all the better for it.

They definitely have a hard job though, with or without a cane!

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