How would you describe the error in this sentence: 'The man is a scientist with keen sense of observation and dedicates long hours in the lab.'


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This question seems to appear in a practical English test in the following form:

Which of the following choices best describes the error in this sentence?
The man is a scientist with a keen sense of observation and who dedicates long hours in the lab.

You are then offered the following multiple choice answers:

  • Dangling modifier (where a grammatical modifier could be mistakenly assigned to the incorrect subject)
  • Uneven parallelism (When phrases or clauses within the same sentence have different grammatical structure)
  • Fragment (A sentence that doesn't contain a complete clause)
  • Misplaced modifier (The sentence has an unintended meaning because of the placement of a modifier)

I would opt for Answer B - Uneven parallelism, as reading this sentence back, there does seem to be a "disjoin" between the way the two halves of the sentence are structured, as if they don't flow or belong together.

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