Can You Tell Me Theoretical Framework About The Enrollment System?


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A theoretical framework is a collection of assumptions and prior knowledge of a particular topic that will determine how research and measurements are carried out on that topic. In terms of the enrollment system, these frameworks could be plenty.

For example, the preconceived knowledge of having an online enrollment system for college students is that this could be much more convenient for them as a lot of young people have internet access and are computer literate. This theoretical framework then leads to research and investigation into the availability of an online enrollment system.

These assumptions will then tell researchers that those online systems:
  • Are often expensive to design from scratch
  • Are sometimes complicated to learn how to use
  • Require training to teach users how to use
  • Requires a specialist designer to create
This formulates another part of the framework that will lead research towards investigating a variety of other variables. For example, how expensive will it be to create, implement and maintain? How much money will need to be spent on training employees to use the system? Are there are other options available that are more cost effective.

Theoretical frameworks are a fundamental part of research and investigation. They can act as a map in its early stages of development; giving the investigation somewhere to go whilst it is in its preliminary stages. However, it is important not to rely wholly on theoretical frameworks alone due to the judgmental nature of the process.

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