I need some help for my book. There is a scene coming up and I just can't do it how I want. SO can all give me some ideas? Damon is trying to drink from Eliana. And I just cant figure out how to have him enter or how he drinks from her. Damons a vampire Eliana is a human: Damon had turned his humanity off. Because he can't get Eliana. and this is how I wanted it to go but I don't think it will go the way I want it. so Eliana follows Damon into an alley and then when she turns the corner he's not there, instead she turns back around and she is face to face with him. And he has very wild eyes. And so he looks at her neck and he leans forward and puts his teeth on her neck and he drinks from her. She screams, and when he drinks from her, it reminds her of the past. so she doesn't run.


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From your description it sounds like you know what you want to happen. What is wrong with what you descibed?

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Which part in particular don't you like? If you can pick out one element (for example, the setting, the time, etc) you could change that and it might look better.
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Is it just me or does this sound a lot like the characters from Vampire Diaries?

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