How To Build A Homemade Catapult For A Science Fair?


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A catapult was a medieval rocket launcher -it was used to hurl stones rocks and even tar covered rocks which had been set alight,they were designed for maximum damage to property and people.

the catapult I am telling you about ,won,t be as dangerous, but it will fire a ping-pong ball about 30 meters.


1) 1 small block of wood approx 6 inches long 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep.

2) 1 springed clothes pin.

3) 1 cube of wood 1inch x 1inch

4) 1 (popsicle) stick

5) 1 cap from a plastic bottle.

6) wood glue

Take the 6inch block and lay it on a flat surface .

Then glue the clothes pin to it centred lengthwise .

When the glue has set glue the 1 inch cube to the open end of the clothes pin .

Then glue the popsicle stick to the cube .

Next glue the bottle lid to the popsicle stick leaving enough space to push it down to fire your catapult.
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Following components are used for making Catapult:

You need at least 3 pieces of wood that should be 12 inches long. You also need 8 pieces of wood which should be 6 inches long. Take two of these wood pieces and cut at 45 degree angles. Take some small screws and nails. You also need a 1 large rubber band and also take small rubber bands as well. 2 eye hooks are also required. You can also use glue instead of nails. 1 four inch square piece of cardboard and 1 metal bar of at least 6 inches long are also required.

Now you have to assemble the catapult. You can either use
screws or glue. Follow each and every step for assembling these wooden sticks. I am giving you a link from where you will get complete step by step process with pictures.

Assembling Process

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Go to tech class
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Depending on the size of the object you have to launch depends on the scale of the catapult. But you could have some 2x4 's in the shape of a you, lay them flat have 2 more mounted vertical at each corner of the you and have a large rubber band like a moving rubber band mounted at the top of either side of each vertical posts.
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First you have to do research and find out the best way. Then you find your house hold materials that would make the best one. After that you can make your catapult but don't throw things like rocks or stones because it might hurt someone. I hope this helped, it helped me!
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How do you make a homed catapult out of household materials what do you use to build it and how do you build it just got a science fair and thought it would be cool to make a catapult
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I like your ideas so far ive nailed the wood together then well I don't know wa else to do!

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