What do you think of homeschooled kids? No mean answers please, cause I am homeschooled.


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I think home school students do better. Them school districts with all them kids some can be bad influence on a teen/ young adult. I know you want meet teens your age but got realize there is lot trouble inside them schools. If  I had the chance be home schooled when I was teen I would have took the opportunity.

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There's nothing mean to say about homeschooled kids! Education can be claimed by any means until and unless the medium is termed " bad" ! Homeschooling is really good becoz in school you are taught a topic, for example " we should keep the environment clean" then in school you will be taught what's in the book only and even tho the teacher will tell you a thousand times keep your surrounding clean don't  throw garbage here and there and stuff. 

Then it won't get into your brain so easily and you won't implement it but when you are taught this at home then you will be taught with a warm feeling and its It'll get in your brain and you'll implement it!

And remember not all school teach manners unlike all homes!

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Yay! More homeschool people! I've been homeschooled my whole life. I really wanted to give school a shot, but my parents wouldn't let me. And now that I'm older, I'm not interested in high school because of all the dangers. I kind of blame homeschooling on why I'm so antisocial. I talk and be loud and weird with my family, and I have one good homeschooled buddy I've known since I was five. But I don't have very many people that I talk to. Besides Emma I usually will have just one other friend who is on my soccer team. During the summer I have more friends because of swim team and theatre. 

Oh well, maybe I'll aquire those people skills someday.

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It varies from child to child because one might be
interested in studies, and without any pressure can learn, and the other
may not be interested in studies and can’t learn through his own, and someone needs to be there to supervise. But most of the homeschooled kids I have noticed are good and perform well as a college student and as an employee. Home
schooling should be done with the child’s and the parent’s interest. Home schooled children should possess an in build interest in education. The alternative to the traditional schools where there are teachers who watch the
children, in home schooling no one will be their behind you. A lecture will be delivered online and you should be enough interested to listen and also submit assignments given by the teacher in time. My
friend’s son is home schooled in “Forest Trail Academy”. He is very studious, completes everything in time and his mom takes care of him and helps him in his studies. In this case home school is a right and good option according to my view. Hope my answer meets your expectation.

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