My mom is considering homeschooling me because im getting bullied and the school is doing nothing about it what can I do to make sure this happens?


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You promise her you WILL do your work. Then go to This is a home school program that provides everything for you and your mom (aka your learning coach) all you have to pay for is ink, paper, and internet. If you want to be homeschooled and she's considering it I recommend this program.

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If it is actual physical abuse ... You should call the police, and file charges against the people doing it.

If you have actually reported it to the school officials ... Not just relied on them to "see it and stop it" ... Then you can also add them to the police report as responsible parties.

People need to stop relying to schools to deal with bullying.  That is not their primary job, they have little legal requirement to protect anyone, and even less legal authority to levy punishments.  People need to file criminal charges since that IS the primary purpose of police and courts.

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then you should get home schooled. It will be less stress on your mom and you. And you won't have to deal with being bullied.

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Is your mom a teacher? Does she have the time and expertise to instruct you in the subjects you’ll need in adult life?

Better think this through if you really want to have a chance at succeeding in the future.

Hate to think that you’re making up the bullying story just to get out of working for a legit education, to wake up one future day as a welfare dependent, socially dysfunctional, unskilled, thirty-something loser. 

Too many of them straining our social systems now, as it is.

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