What was your first memory?


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Bradley Lomax answered

It have 2 that are very early in my life but I can not decipher which came first. Well here they are anyway. One is where I'm in my pram but on a bus just mezmorized at the amount of people near me. Another is where I'm crawling on the floors and just rolling around this is in my old house in Lancaster when I was 2 years of age

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Rosalie JRL
Rosalie JRL commented
Oh sorry haha, i'm working with a special program that makes my screen bigger... sometimes i don't see things or can't see them.. Thank you!
Bradley  Lomax
Bradley Lomax commented
It's alright my memory is pretty good but sometimes it can be quite the curse especially when remembering akward moments in my life
Karla Lol
Karla Lol commented
Probably when I was very small don't know what age I got my first baby doll
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Karina Candy answered

When I got my very first dog

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PJ Stein answered

My first memory is watching John F Kennedy's funeral on TV. I remember being excited about the white horses pulling his casket. No one else was excited, in fact they were crying. I was 21 months old.

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