Should students be served fast food at their school? I want to know both sides of this topic consisting a yes and a no for this speech. And a good title Thanks


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Well, schools encourage kids to keep healthy and eat good food. If they serve them fast food, that's very bad for the well being of the kids. The health standard would plummet & more. I very much think this would be an amazing speech.GOOD LUCK

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Taylor Brookes answered

I don't think so. Obesity is becoming a big problem in the US and in the UK (I'm not sure about other countries). Kids need to be healthier and fast food is just a bad idea - not only for schools, but for everyone.

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Lard Ass answered Fast food in general is unhealthy, I wouldn't want my children eating it.

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At our school we have 3 options one of which is fast food - so yeah they should

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It would cause more students to eat unhealthy out of convenience (since it is in the school). If the choice is not there, then less students will choose unhealthy foods.

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No way.  I am in high school and I am healthy, though I would feel sick if I had fast food in school, though I have it once every two months if I'm spending the day in the city or something.

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