Research paper help? Can somebody please help me with the work cited page. I really don't know how to do it. What am I supposed to write? 


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star gazing answered might help you out.

Have a list of the websites/other sources you have used.

Fill in the information and copy/write the citation on the works cited page at the end of your paper. You can switch from MLA to APA at the top of the URL box, and switch the source type under that.

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Amy Verghese
Amy Verghese commented
Oh so all you had to do was write your topic on your title page. Are you serious? Your so lucky!!! I will find out someway to do my title page by tomorrow. The worst part is we have to present our research paper infront of the whole class. I've never done something like this as i came from a different country. I get really tensed when i think about it :-| But thanks a ton dear for saving my life
star gazing
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I AM lucky! It was assigned near the end of the school year, so I didn't even have to present :) I also got to choose my topic: it was over animals and scientific research...doesn't sound too interesting, but it was easy :) Again, glad to help. Goodnight :)
Amy Verghese
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Wow!!!! Now i feel even more jealous lol :-P Your topic seems much more interesting than my boring historical topic for sure. Oops i guess its too late... So Good night to you too ^_^

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