I Want To Write A Two Page Research Paper. How Do I Start?


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First you need to gather all information needed to put in the paper. You may do your searches on the web or go to the library. However, web searches are more efficient and a lot of information is available and hence you can do an exhaustive search. The next step will be to read through the information and organize these.
The third step will be to put the required information under different headings as will be discussed.

The paper should have an introduction. Introduction is very important so that the reader gets prepped up into what to expect in the rest of the report. Tell them what you are going to tell them in the report. The next section should focus on a survey of available information that you have gathered during your research. These should talk about and refer to previous work already completed in this field and how they would support what you are about to say. If it is a scientific paper the third section should focus on your own experimental results. The forth section generally focuses on discussions. Here you put forward your arguments as the author of the paper. The last sections should focus on your conclusions and direction towards future work. Do not forget to include the bibliography in the end.

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