How Do I Write An Abstract Of A Research Proposal?


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A research proposal abstract is used to summarize the research study or proposal, and it written at the beginning of a paper. It gives a reader a general idea of why the whole study is being conducted, proposed research methods, how it will be done as well as its relevance to the past and future in its field. In order to write it, one must summarize the following parts of the study: Hypothesis formulation, research methods, and a summary of all the information involved. It is basically a part of the research which concisely discusses all aspects involved.

The hypothesis must be formulated early on in the research phase. It clearly explains the relationship between two variables. Avoid summarizing the whole research done before hand during the abstract, only state an idea of work that has been done in relation to the subject you are working on. You can also include a few statements on the hypothesis and why you are leaning towards it. The research methods should be discussed in detail as well as how you are gathering all the data you are using. You should also make it clear to the reader why you are choosing to use these specific data collection methods, as well as the other forms of information that you are using such as resources, books, and other sources.

All this information should be summarized as briefly as possible. Start by introducing the subject matter and the research question which your paper plans to answer. Also discuss your hypothesis, although if you are doing an exploratory study, other questions that you intend to explore. Each of the sections in your abstract should be no longer than one or two sentences in length, yet prods the reader to want to learn more about your research. A well-written abstract can fully capture the whole essence of your paper in just a few pages.
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The basic purpose of writing an abstract is to summarize a report or proposal briefly and present the gist in a specified length. In an abstract, you are supposed to introduce the reader to the topic of your research or proposal and then mention your objective of doing the research on the particular topic. The methodology used in the research also needs to be specified and the findings and conclusions should be written very briefly. The abstract should cover all the key areas of your research.

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