Which One Comes First In A Reserch Proposal, Introduction Or Background?


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Research Proposals are written with the purpose of helping your readers understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and how are you going to complete the research. It contains in introduction and a background. As to which comes first, there is no hard and fast rule. Either one can come first.

The following are the three different approaches you can use:

1. Introduction comes first.
2. Background comes first
3. Background as part of introduction

1. Introduction comes first: In this case you give a brief introduction to your subject of research and then continue with the research proposal
2. Background comes first: In case you want to put the background first, you need to refer to the circumstances that have prompted you to carry out the research and to any preexisting data.
3. Background as part of the Introduction: This is the option I personally prefer. It is the best way to go about writing a research proposal. In order to place the background in the introduction, you can do the following:

I. Give Introduction as the heading
ii. As a subheading include:
A. Literature Review
b. Or Background
c. Rationale: In rationale you can state the reasons for which you are carrying out the research and the need for carrying out the research.

After giving the introduction and background you can carry on with the rest of the proposal, for example, the research design, methodology etc. 

I hope I have answered what you were looking for. If you need any more help, feel free to post another question.
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Research proposal is a compiled document. You have to be very specific when you are going to write down a good research proposal. Both introduction and background are to be included in the beginning. It is better to write them down after amalgamating them. But if you want to write them one after another then you should write background first. Then you should write down introduction.

Now you need to be specific in both of the sectors as both of them have to be filled with proper garnished information and details. So, write down the background of the area of research in the background sector. Don't write about the project in the background. You only need to mention the background of area stuff in the background sector. Then move towards the introduction section. Here you have to give an introduction to the project. Then you have to elucidate the project history. Here you don't need to give any inkling of area of research because you already have done justice with that in the background sector. Hope it would be clear to you. All the best!

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