How To Write A Good Research Proposal?


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This question has been asked time and again, and I have tried to answer it time and again too. Well I am going to try again and I hope it helps you .

In order to be able to write a good research proposal you need to keep the following things in mind:

1. First of all you should find out as much about your topic of research as you can.
2. The second step would be to Make an outline for your research proposal.
3. The outline would first of all include an introduction to your proposal.
4. The introduction should include a literature review. The literature review should focus on the data that is already available, for example the researches that have already been carried out and whatever you have read about your topic.
5. After the introduction you need give a background about why you need to carry out a research. This can also appear under the heading of rationale.
6. Under the head or title of introduction, you should also state your research objectives.
7. You should give details of your research project then.
8. Don't forget to include the scope of your research, which will mean the area in which you are conducting your research.
9. After that give details about the research methodology that your going to use. That is, explaining how you are going to conduct your research. This will include the kind of data you are going to use, which can be secondary or primary. You can give your sources of secondary data and your methods of collecting primary data. Primary data methods can be surveys, questionnaires, observations etc.
10. The next step is to give details of your data analysis methods.
11. At the end, you should include the scope and time line for the research
12. You should also include the cost! I.e. the amount the research study is going to require.
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General image of the research is that it has something to do with the laboratory where scientists are supposedly doing some experiments. Somebody who is interviewing consumers to find out their opinion about the new packaging of milk is also doing research. Research is simply the process of finding solutions to a problem after through study and analysis of the situational factors. It is gathering information needed to answer a question, and thereby help in solving a problem. We do not do study in any haphazard manner. Instead we try to follow a system or a procedure in an organized manner. It is all the more necessary in case we want to repeat the study, or somebody else wants to verify our findings. In the latter case the other person has to follow the same procedure that we followed. Hence not only we have to do the study in a systematic manner but also that system should be known to others.
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Before any research study is undertaken there should be an agreement between the person who authorizes the study and the researcher as to the problem to be investigated the methodology to be used the duration of the study and its cost. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings or frustrations later for both parties. This is usually accomplished through the research proposal which the researcher submits and gets approved by the sponsor who issues a letter of authorization to proceed with the study. The researcher proposal drawn up by the investigator is the result of a planned, organized and careful effort and basically contains the following:

• The broad goals of the study.
• The specific problem to be investigated.
• Details of the procedures to be followed.
The research design offering details on:
• The sampling design.
• Data collection methods.
• Data analysis.

Time frame of the study including information on when the written report will be handed over to the sponsors. The budget detailing the costs with reference to specific items of expenditure.

Such a proposal containing the above features is presented to the manager who might seek clarification on some points, want the proposal to be modified in certain aspects or accept it into.
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Give me model of research proposal form

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