How To Make A Good Research Title?


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When coming up with a title for a research project, there is one very important thing to remember: Research titles are not like ordinary titles. They should not consist of only a few words that hint at what the project contains; instead, they should be around a sentence long and give an overview of what the project is about. This sentence will need to explain exactly what you are doing and why - it's as simple as that. For instance, you may be carrying out an osmosis experiment to find out how much water a piece of potato will absorb. The title of this research project could therefore be as follows: 'experiment looking at osmosis within a potato to determine how much water the potato will absorb'. Avoid making your title too flowery and descriptive; instead, it should be precise and informative. Below are some general points that should be followed for a great research project.
  • Measurements: The 3 times rule
When making measurements, which may involve time observation, you should complete the measurement three times and then take a mean average. This is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, by repeating the measurement you may discover that your first reading was incorrect - or at least, that one reading was incorrect, and you will need to repeat again to determine which is right. Secondly, it will improve the accuracy of your results: Human reactions and parallax errors are only a few things that can cause measurements to be inaccurate at first.

  • Safety is the key
Always be safe when carrying out a project by following lab rules, wearing the correct safety equipment and doing as instructed at all times. Don't mess around as this will present a safety hazard to you and others.
  • Record everything straight away
As soon as you make an observation, write it down. This way you won't forget exactly what you saw, and you will be free to move onto the next observation.

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