How Do I Write A Proposal; In This Case A Simple Proposal For My Project For My Club In High School?


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Joe Gilbert answered
Before you write your proposal you should have a very clear idea of what you wish to achieve for your club.

State at the beginning of the proposal what your club is about and what it needs - that's the reason you are making the proposal. Follow that with a gentle introduction to the club, how it was started, when you became interested and involved and outline its current activities and membership.

Try to highlight something humorous or which other people will be able to relate to quite easily - a dull or dry proposal may alienate or bore the audience.

Once you have gone into a little bit of depth explain the all-round benefits for everyone in the school if your proposal is accepted. Try to make everyone feel that they have a vested interest and can gain from its acceptance.

Engage with people in any way that you can whilst remaining concentrated on your proposal; make it seem fresh and exciting and also attainable. There is little point pitching for something that you know is unlikely to be acceptable.

Once you have covered the main areas begin to summarise the benefits again, highlight the involvement of other people letting them know that it is much more than just a one person crusade.

As you grow in confidence over the proposal return towards your opening remarks, remind people why you are making the proposal and the benefits of its acceptance.

Conclude the proposal with a summary of the main points; reinforce your points without getting bogged down or excessive repetition. Finish up sharply, don't go on endlessly, appear confident and be as natural and enthusiastic as you can without appearing desperate. Follow these basic points and you will have completed a strong proposal for your club.
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Nisha Fernandes answered
A good proposal should always be well researched. Most good proposals have the same basic outline and general guidelines. First write an attractive introduction. It should be short but effectively framed so as to interest and intrigue the reader. Write something motivational and summarise the issue you wish to highlight. In this case of course it will be your club. Then write a brief format of the rest of the proposal.

Next write a short history of the issue (do some good research). Ensure that you mention why this issue matters. State precisely why this particular issue occurs and why.

Lastly clearly list all your objectives and goals- it is advisable that you do not go into in depth details at this point. Conclude with a summary including the issue, the proposed changes and reiterate the important contributions it will make. All the best!

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