How To Write A School Club Proposal?


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Many schools provide templates for club proposals to make it easy for students and parents to request after-school activities. If this is the case, simply request the form from the school office and fill it out to the best of your ability. You may want to have your parent or guardian help you fill out the form. Make sure your club meets all school requirement and don’t leave any blank spaces in the form.

Unfortunately due to budget restraints, some schools may have a more rigorous proposal process. After school clubs require the school to dedicate time and money - both of which may be in short supply. If your school has limited resources, you may need to convince your principal that a karate club is viable (financially) and valuable to students.

Start your proposal by telling your principal why you want to start a karate club. Express your passion for the sport and relate any positive experiences you have had. Discuss how other students may be able to benefit from a karate club. Be as specific as possible and don’t generalize. For example you might say "students will grow as athletes and improve self-esteem” instead of "student will be better”.

The next part of your proposal should outline the activities of the karate club. What will students in the karate club actually do? In addition to learning karate, will they be taught sportsmanship? Adding an element of character-building may help your principal see the importance of the karate club.

Finally, tell your principal about the support you have from teachers, students, and parents. You will need an adult sponsor to help with the club. If you already have a parent or teacher who is willing to help, this will be a big help to your cause. Support from the student body will also be helpful.

Make sure to thank the principal for taking time to read your proposal and cross your fingers! With a little luck, your principal will be very impressed and ready to let you start your karate club.
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I'm writing a proposal for a school club right now too! Its important to not make it too long, because your principal should have interest in reading it. However it should be long enough so it looks like you put some effort into it. Maybe a page long would be good. In your proposal you should include a description of the club, the purpose of the club, when and where you will have club meetings, who you are thinking of having in your club, fundraising ideas, a mission statement and the objectives for the club.
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It is best to follow the proposal guidelines of the funding institution.

In general, you will want to say what you propose to do, and what role the requested resources will play in the project. You will want to discuss what problem you are solving and demonstrate you have a realistic plan for dealing with the obstacles or objections. The funding institution will likely want to see your proposed schedule and the milestones that will demonstrate your progress. You will usually be asked to provide details of the experience and credentials of the principals involved in the project.
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You could find some people interested in such a club, and have everyone write a letter stating why they think having this club is important.  Then write a cover letter stating your purpose, and how the club would be organized and ran.  Try to get some publicity going to support it, perhaps if your school has a paper write an article in that.  Then submit the stack of letters and your statement of purpose to the Principal.  Use your best English, it would be a great learning experience!
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It would be easiest to go by your principal's office whenever he has a free moment and just ask about getting one set up.
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Well you could type a letter on the computer and make it attractive with fancy letters maybe bold too. And make it long so it looks like you spent forever typing it. Then you could drop it off in the office and the principal will probably exept it knowing you spent a long time on it and you really want a karate club. At my school there is a wrestling club so I don't think he could say no if you have a wrestling club because there both the same ammount of violence. I hope this helped you =) Good luck!
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I really don't know how to write a proposal letter for a club at school

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