How To Start Montessori School?


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It will probably take approximately a year for you to plan to start a Montessori school so you can get all the curriculum, teachers, facilities and state licenses etc. In order. One of the first things you’ll need to do is to select a location for the Montessori school. It will have to meet building inspections and be a safe environment for children. Also, you will want to have an outdoor recreational area for the children.  In addition, it is a necessity that you get permits and licenses for the location which will differ by state, as well as carrying out background checks on teachers and other staff you’ll be hiring.

As this is a specialist school you will want to look for teachers with Montessori training however, if not you can organise training for teachers by contacting the Association Montessori Internationale (US branch office). The training will include child development and philosophy. Moreover, you will have to sort out a curriculum for the students which will have to comply with the state’s criteria. Montessori schools refrain from traditional standards as they teach children individually and put emphasis on group learning from various ages.

In addition, you will need to order all the equipment and tools necessary for the school. With this in mind you will need to get special items for the children to use as it is important for a Montessori school to provide active learning schemes. Finally, you will have to begin student enrolment which should not start any later than the winter; therefore the students will be able to prepare for the coming school year. Also, tuition fees will need to be decided based on the economic conditions of the area and how much you are planning to pay your staff.
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First you need to have trained staff/teachers who have degrees along with experience. Its better if you have also completed Montessori teaching course. Make sure you are spending your money on something which you have knowledge about.  Your school should be accredited by a Montessori organization.  You will need playing areas, along with toys and other playing stuffs. Other requirements are maids,
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Anyone knows what are the policies and other regulation in setting up a montessori here in malaysia?
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You definitely need a Montessori guide.
Check out for more details here.  It is comprehensive and very well-explained, and has helped many others to start a Montessori schools.

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