Can You Give Me A List Of Montessori Schools?


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Montessori schools are based on the format of teaching developed by Maria Montessori (1870-1952) an Italian physician who had made a deep and thorough study of children and their mentality in relation to learning.

Montessori believed that children essentially teach themselves, their learning process is spontaneous and interest oriented where their inherent creative instincts get full scope. A teacher can at best guide and channelize the talents and natural aptitude of the student; it was on this philosophy that the schools she started were based.

Montessori traveled widely and her approach to teaching was enthusiastically welcomed in all countries she visited.

In the UK there are a number of Montessori schools like
The Montessori House, Clapham Montessori, Headstart Montessori, Sandpiper Montessori, Ealing Montessori School, and Hendon Montessori School all in London.

The other Montessori schools in the UK that can be mentioned are Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, Coram Street Montessori School in Suffolk, Alexander Montessori School in Middlesex, Fairview Montessori School in Hertfordshire, Windsor Montessori School in Berkshire, Weyhill Montessori School in Surrey, Derby Montessori School and The Children's House Montessori School in Northern Ireland.

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