Why Was The Pledge Of Allegiance Taken Out Of Schools?


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As of the current date, the Pledge of Allegiance remains part of the school system, despite recent legal cases against it. A case was originally bought to the 9th US Circuit of Appeals by Michael Newdow in 1992, arguing that reciting the Pledge in schools was unconstitutional due to the use of the phrase 'under God.' He argued that as an atheist it would be unconstitutional to allow his daughter to recite it as it promoted a monotheistic God. This part of the Pledge was added by Congress in 1954. Although the court ruled in his favour, this decision drew criticism from both the House and the Senate, who denounced its effects, ruling it void. In 2004 Newdow brought an appeal to the Supreme Court, who again rejected his claim on the basis that he was not the custodial parent of the child, sidestepping the issue of what is 'unconstitutional.' On 19 July 2006, the House of Representatives passed legislation protecting the Pledge from being deemed unconstitutional by federal judges and being removed from schools. The motion passed 260-167 and will proceed to the Senate, where it is expected to be ratified by both the Senate and the President.
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Because I think the Athiests hate Christians and they don't want us to have any rights or hopes or beliefs
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It's hate when atheists try to force their lack of beliefs on people but it's ok when christians do it hmm bit hypocritical don't u think u say atheists don't want christians to have rights or beliefs but at the same time u don't want them to have their beliefs or rights sooooo most definitely Hypocritical
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I believe it should still be because America is based under god so if you don't believe in our god you should not have come. I thought when people came to America they had to say something of the sort before they got there status in america?? If I am wrong them they should denounce their religion,speak english net along read english.Half these immigrants can't but they have a driving license.
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The founding fathers had ask for Gods help in the building of america,,america was built by christians NOT MUSLIMS

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