When Was Prayer Taken Out Of School?


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Just remember, all that case removed was adult-led prayer with students. Every person in a school building can pray when they wish, and read a Bible during free time. Students can also create clubs for prayer, Bible study, or Christian growth to be held before or after school hours. The courts have ruled they must get the same access as non-religious clubs.
Everson v. Board of Education (1947) was the supreme court case that caused this to happen. Do a Google search on it for tons of information relating to the case.
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Yeah!!! Lets stand for jesus christ our lord and master. He is the bomb and we will all meet him one day. I already have through a series of near death experiences. Don't let a school tell you how your child should learn. Don't let a teacher make it okay for your child to do a book report on witches, warlocks, harry potter and not jesus christ. What kind of mess is that? I tell my kids all the time don't be afraid to use your mouth for jesus. Amen...
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Thank you for pointing this out.  Children have the choice.  Christians have a choice.  It is up to the individual to stand up for Christ!  Let us focus on this and what we CAN do, then what is not available anymore.  This is all I hear, what is not available!! Almost to the point that it is drilled in the children, given them no choice. There is a choice.  Are we standing up for Christ????? Spread what we CAN do in schools!
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Even though I'm a Christian I don't think that schools should give more than just a history of religions and Christianity specifically. Having an opportunity to pray, to form clubs in school is necessary but learning Bible quotes is better with professional biblical scholars and zealous Christians.

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