How Do You Write A Research Paper?


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Make sure you pick a good topic! This is often discussed, but I have a slightly different angle on it. If you want a great grade and if you want to write it fast, then you have to pick a topic that lends itself to this idea.

You want to pick a topic that is broad enough, but focused enough to yield plenty of high quality search results from which to quote or reference. Use Google scholar to get a good feel for this. Look at both the number and quality of the results.

Ignore the advice to write about something you enjoy, this is usually misguided. Don't write on a "cutting edge" subject or you wont find enough quality sources. The topic should be newer, but not cutting edge.

I really recommend looking up Rapid Research Papers (Google it). It goes into great depth on how to choose a topic, which is where I got this info. It also provides the structure using visual charts, and provides templates in MLA and APA formats. It also is written with SPEED 9and quality) in mind so you get right to work and knock our your research paper fast!

Also, make sure you proofread it, and let someone else proof it. Allow enough time for revisions. Your grade will really improve with adequate revisions, but you wont see your own mistakes. You want a fresh pair of eyes to see it. Also read it out loud, your ear will catch many mistakes that your eyes won't catch.

Good luck!
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First you need to find a somewhat controversial and interesting topic. Then of course find different sources each with many different opinions on the issue and also any research that has previously been done. There should be enough to make a strong argument without being wordy. Then of course, you need to organize the paper into different sections chronologically, with an intro and conclusion. Hope that helped:)

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Well writing a research paper is quite a tricky process, and requires fair bit of skill. The vital sections of a research paper are Title page, Abstract, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions and Literature Cited.

The main purpose of organizing a research paper is to permit people to read your work selective. The most important part of writing a research paper is selecting a proper topic. The summary of the research paper should be approximately two hundred words or less than that.

Make sure that your summary is written is after the rest of the paper is over. Your introduction should not be more than two pages. The results of the research paper will be based on the amount of types of data to be reported.

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