How Does A Research Paper Look Like?


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A research paper should always be laid out in a certain way, and should have a number of sections that are easy to read and understand. The following sections are suggestions to use when compiling a research paper.

• Contents page

This is vital as it enables the reader to easily go to the section that they want to read. Initially, the whole paper will be read, but someone may want to check on certain points and the contents page will make these points easier to find.

• Introduction

This should be short, concise and to the point, and should make up approximately 10% of the total word count of the paper. The introduction is vital to the research paper, as it shows the reader what the research that is being undertaken is hoping to achieve. The introduction should be a breakdown of what will be discussed in the paper as a whole.

• Research undertaken

The research that has been undertaken should be included in the main body of the paper. The research should show a balanced argument and all quotes should be referenced. The use of graphs and charts is common in the production of a research paper and these can be included alongside the relevant research, or be attached to the paper as appendices.

• Conclusion

This, like the introduction, should make up approximately 10% of the total word count of the paper, and should be a summing up of the research undertaken. A good research paper should flow and the conclusion should be clear and cover the main points discussed.

• Bibliography

This section is very important and should include all the relevant sources of research undertaken throughout the paper. This is vital, as the reader may want to look into the subject matter more deeply.
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Well a basic research paper should have the
following sections:

Title page







Figure Captions


Except this you should be incorporating the format
that is been asked by your instructor, it could be APA style sheet or something else depends on your evaluator. 

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A research paper can either be of few pages or it could be of over a hundred pages. It contains an introduction, a literature review, theoretical framework, methodology, statistics and findings. At the end there is conclusion. Large research papers can be called thesis or dissertation. For more details go to

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I am doing an action research paper on the use of magnets by early childhood age children. Any suggestions?

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