What Does Term Paper Look Like?


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A term paper is basically written by a college or university student during each term (or semester) for a subject. Usually term papers constitute a large part of the grade for a subject. It involves describing a concept or event and arguing on it. The purpose of term papers is to evaluate the objective understanding of the student on a particular subject. It analyzes how well the individual has understood a concept and how successfully can he/she apply it and defend it.
As to what a term paper looks like, it would follow a general format but nonetheless, you should always ask your course instructor for specifications of style. Referencing etc. Some teachers would like sub-headings in the text while others want a continuous discourse. You should ask all these things as they do affect the grading of your paper.
You can follow any logical sequence in the term paper following the broader outline of:
  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Discussion
  4. Conclusion
  5. References (Citations)
For example, you have to write a term paper on the 'Ecological Behavior of Cats'. So, you could follow the following format:
Introduction: This should include a statement of your purpose as well as the following:
What class of animals are cats?
Species of Cats
General Physical Traits
The type of cats you will be discussing (feral, wild, domesticated)
Main Body:
Habitats preferred
Ecological Significance
Niche of Cats
Behavior of Cats:
  • Defence
  • Mating
  • Preying
  • Territoriality
Threats to Cats from changing habitat conditions
How do Cats adapt or have adapted over the years
How to explain the ecological traits discussed above
This would basically be used to sum up the entire paper and would outline the subject and the conclusions you have drawn from it.

Before you start writing a term paper, it is very important that you think about it thoroughly, research it and plan how you are going to do it. Planning involves the sequence of your paper as well as how much and what time you will give to your paper in order to complete it by the due date. Term papers should NOT be written over a couple of late nights but are best done when worked on throughout the semester and revised periodically.
At the end of your paper, there should be a list of reference which indicates all the sources of knowledge that you have used to write the paper. These can include books, internet articles, journals, encyclopedias, newspaper articles and any other source of information you have used. Also cite in text references to further authenticate your work. The methods of citation vary from college to college (APA or MLA). You should ask your teacher about the style he/she prefers. DO NOT copy content from anywhere as this is plagiarism and do not buy online term papers as teachers also consider this to be plagiarism and this may cost you your grade.
Term papers that include critical thought and your own input on the ideas presented are considered to be the best.
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