What Does An Apa Format Outline For A Research Paper Look Like?


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The general format of American Psychological Association (APA) papers is used by scientists in an effort to standardise scientific writing. Type your essay on standard paper, in a neutral font like Calibri or Times New Roman. Use a font size of around 10-12pt. On the title page, your header should say "Running head: TITLE". Then beneath that, put the title again in the centre of the document, follow by your name and place where the research was conducted. You can see a sample title here:

The abstract page comes next. Here you write a summary of the key points that you have researched. It outlines briefly what you have done, how you have done it, and your conclusions. At the end of the abstract, you include any keywords to do with your project. A sample can be seen here:

Now you can start writing the bulk of the project under the headings Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References and Appendices. You can find out more about the APA format from the following links:
owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ flash1r.apa.org/apastyle/basics/ The best advice is to take a look at completed APA papers to get a feel for the style and tone that you should write your paper in.
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APA format or American Psychological Association was created to standardize
the research based write-ups such as thesis or dissertation. It includes
following basic structuring

12pt. Times new roman font

Page header at the top of every page with a
page number

Four main sections:

Title page


Main body


(The placement of the heading and page header
varies in different volumes of APA Format)

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