What is one Totally Random Fact that you know?


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George Washington was bled to death by his doctors.

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Pigs can't sweat

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That 40% of all dogs that get cancer are Boxers.

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Poor pup :( When I was younger, I didn't have the money for cancer treatments. I love boxer's but I told myself I wasn't gonna put myself in that position again, I felt lower than dirt!
PJ Stein
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She is my third boxer and second with cancer. The first one only cost me $800 to remove, this one was more complicated and scary. So I will be spending the next year paying off a bill about three times that. Oh well. Part of the testing we did was on her heart and it is very healthy! (My first two had heart issues, which is also common in Boxers.)
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When I was a teen we had two Shar-Pei's, one ate something he shouldn't have and got real sick. We went ahead with the surgery and it ended up costing $3000, and that was in the nineties. After the surgery they concluded the puppy had gastro-peresis and probably wouldn't survive so we had to put him down. I have heard that pet insurance is becoming more popular and affordable. Something I'm sure going to look into.
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I believe it was in 1999 that Martin Luther King's family took the American government to court and successfully won a case proving that the American government was responsible for his death.

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I learned to NEVER say :

"I will never do that ".

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Escape velocity for the Australian bush fly is 15 mph.

If you're cycling on a country road in Oz and you don't want to inhale flies as you ride, just keep the speed above that.

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Trevor Peacock, the British character actor who plays Jim Trott in "The Vicar of Dibley" wrote the '60s hit song "Mrs Brown you've got a lovely daughter".



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Ray, apropos your aversion to smiling.
In the BBC series, New Tricks, the character Jack Halford went undercover in an old folks' home. He was playing the grumpy old man and when a nurse said, "It takes 34 muscles to frown, Mr Halford but only 17 to smile," he growled, "I like to keep fit."
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Ray Dart
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Ooops, I just smiled.
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The shortest book in the world is called" how peanut butter effects the gravitational pull"

The only sentence in it is "so far peanut butter has no effect on the gravitational pull" or something like that.

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You're more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack

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You are more like to die from most everything else than you are a shark attack. Your odds of dying from a shark attack is 11.5 million to one.

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