Do you live near to an historical battlefield? If so, which one? Did you go and take a look? Do you know how/why/when the battle occurred?


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I live near Valley Forge, an historic Revolutionary War site. It's located in Pennsylvania, USA, about 15 miles from my home. We studied it extensively in junior high school and made several field trips there.

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It's a pretty cool place. When we were young teenagers, we would stage our own battles there. Of course the girls would play nurse and would "tend" to our wounds in the log cabins. Now, you can't even go into the log cabins because of past destruction by tourists.
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There are a few in West Virginia....the covered bridge in Phillipi was the first land battle of the civil war, no I've never been there, but would be interesting to see.

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I was raised in Billings, MT.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn was fought and lost by General Custer 40 miles from Billings.

Went there numerous times.

Interesting museum with dioramas of various stages of the battle.

Yes, I knew what happened there.

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Fort Phoenix, Fairhaven, MA. Site of many battles during the American Revolution..and the cannons are still there! In fact, its so open to the ocean I could never figure out why the Brits thought they could win!

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