Do you think that in the future there won't be any schools because kids will be really smart so they won't need schools? Just a question.


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There was an episode in Stargate SG:1 where the team visited a planet and found a civilization that used a device on the side of their head that connected their brains to a central computer system. From there, children could access school lessons and adults could find the information they needed. I could see us heading in that direction. After all, that is kind of what our smartphones do for us now. Best of luck to you!

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Walt O'Reagun
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Sure ... but on Dr Who, that technology was used to turn humans into Cybermen. So - not in a big hurry to attach myself to machines.

Corey The Goofyhawk
Lol! Well, in the episode I referenced, the computer killed off many of the people and erased the memories of that person from the population so that noone would become suspicious. I'm not ready to attach myself just yet either, lol.
Claire MotherofPetey
I saw that.
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Not only schools but just about everything you have now you will no longer have to drive to. Everything from education to shopping will all be on computer or vitual reality simulation.

Their goal will be to keep you in you home as much as possible.

Enjoy all of what you have for now. You may not see this in your life time.

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You can be computer smart but street dumb. And In this world you better be street smart

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