Do you think in the future there will be schools?


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Haddin Meier , I do., answered

I believe that there will be,

Education is a vital part to everyone's day to day being and is needed to get anywhere in society. I do not believe that there will ever be an alternative, and that there will always be schools.

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Leesa Johnson answered

Yes, I'm sure about it that in future school will be there because without school, Kids can never start their education.

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Tom Jackson answered

In its most general definition, absolutely:

"A place where people, especially young people, are educated."

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As long as they stop dismantling the State Education system by turning schools into academies. Schools should remain under the supervision of local councils, who are accountable to the local electorate, not some highly paid faceless administrators. This is privatisation through the back door. I thought we were meant to be a democratic country....Oh no, we gave that away when we joined the EU, another decision we had no say in.

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Ray Dart
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Write to your local Tory and ask where in the manifesto did they say that ALL schools would become academies. In my village we are now bussing kids to (not terribly) nearby villages because the local "academy" refuses to expand. Under LG control they would just have been expanded.
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