Which do you prefer when you read ? E-books or real books?


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I like to read real books because I like feeling the weight of the book as well as the grittiness of the cheap paper of the pages. The smell of a well read, old book is also something that draws me into the pages. I also have a bunch of old bookmarks, can't use them on an e-reader.

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Definitely real books.

Granted the E-book is more compact and easy to store in smaller spaces but NOTHING beats the feel and smell of an actual book :D

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Kristen Storm
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Real books are totally the best! Sometimes I'll even just walk into a book store JUST for the smell of new books :P

Haha @rabbithill I re-read all my books SO many times :D
Kristen Storm
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I can't not. I discover so many new things I missed the first time. And the adventures are tooo awesome to not re-live haha
Kristen Storm
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LOL shame your poor books! hahaha
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Surely nothing beats a real book, there's some things that using it in an actual way feels more good, but we can't ignore the importance of E-books as well, E.Book exist for solutions. It's not usually a usage for home, but when you go somewhere that you like to travel lightly, you can have it on your laptop or even phone & read it on the way, on the waiting inside the airport, ect . . Also so many other circumstances, for example myself, i enjoy real books, but i mentioned to you before as well, looking at pages constantly makes me to look blur & my eyes get tired but with screen i don't have that problem. I don't know the reason!

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Matt Radiance
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Nope you're not old fashioned, i love actual books as well, but i usually explain each perspective that i see from a question or discussion. some friends calls me "talkactive" for that lol! short answer getting out of me hardly!
Rooster Cogburn
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Not a problem Matt ! Your answers are great ! :)
Matt Radiance
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Well thanks! :)
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Real books.  Same with newspapers.

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Well I'm kinda different I guess...I enjoy real books also....but I do use my Kindle more, I download books from the library and I can read at night while I'm in bed without a light on, helps me relax when the room is dark and I change my Kindle page color to black.

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I love the feel of a real book and I would prefere a real book, however, the convenience of the Google Play Store keeps me stuck with E-books, especially at night or at work. Best of luck, my friend!

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I prefer real books. I have tried reading on the computer, even borrowed my daughters kindle and tried it out. But the real books are the ones that get read, while the E books just sit unfinished.

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Love them both. I am proud of my library in my home. Each book a memory. When I need space, I love the library. Love to bring home a book I've been waiting for.

Five years ago I received a kindle as a gift. Wow. Now I'm just as proud of my virtual library, and it takes up NO space. I can store unlimited books in my cloud. I have been able to find books that I had only heard about. I have access to libraries of books. I can receive a book recommendation and be reading that book within a few minutes. Way too easy. I love reading in the dark. I can change, light dimmer, screen color, font, and font size. On my newer kindle Fire, I can listen to music while reading.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Thank you.
Lard Ass
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Yay! Someone who agrees with me! Thought I was a loner! I love the easy access to books! No wait amazon books....and e-library books galore!
dragonfly forty-six
Fun question, Mr. C.
It's just too easy, isn't it? I also read virtual books through my public library. At first that was weird but it also was very easy. Didn't even have to get in my car to return the book.
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I've not used an e-Reader, however I love the real thing. Real books, real newspaper, real magazines. When I find a really good book, I underline my favorite passages. I re-read books often, as each time I re-read them, I discover something new. Hope this helps. Good question.

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I like real books; the feeling of the paper, the smell of a new book, and it's easier on my eyes. I also like to write notes in the margines of my more intellectual books.

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Real books, hands down. I hate reading off screens, and I'm looking at screens all day, so its nice to take a break and read from an actual book. I also love how they take up space, for example, by my bed I have several piles of around 3-7 books that I use mostly to balance stuff on (alarm clock, water bottles, spare pens) and it just makes the room look kind of cluttered but in an organised kind of way.

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I usually use both to the same extent. If I can't find/afford a real book, I see if I can get it for free online (: Effective! But overall, nothing beats a good real book!

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We don't quite have consensus but the vast majority are in favour of real books. Me too. Yes, I've read a few e-Books and you can't beat them for convenience, and even cost, but it's just not as satisfying as holding a real book in your hands.

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I never owned an e-reader, but let's get things straight - physical books are awesome. E-readers are awesome, too if you are on the move. Like, if you go somewhere for a few days, you won't bring 5 books with you. Another plus of the reader is the cheaper books.

But yeah, prefer real ones.

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While I might prefer paper and ink books and have a large library, my eyes are not what they once were. 

I bought a Kindle Whitepaper 11 days ago.  I am loving it.  I can finally make the font of my books big enough to read comfortably again.

Yes, I prefer paper and ink books but if I can not see to read the script, it is time to get something else.  And yes, I have used magnifying reading glasses and hand held magnifying glasses.

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