What's something you have always enjoyed learning about?


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My ancestors. Family lore. Storytelling. Some stories I would have never known without some digging and interviewing. Now I have some things to pass on.

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I'm curious, Roy, what YOU like learning about? Any interests or hobbies you're interested in?

Myself, I like learning about all kinds of stuff - I guess that's why I read a lot. There is a series on the NatGeo channel about the Holocaust and Hitler that I've been watching this week. I also like learning about the Korean War, the one my dad served in.

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My dad never talked about it - ever. We discovered his medals and stuff after he died. He also came away with malaria - he suffered from malaria attacks off and on during my childhood.
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You know, Sin, it opened a door for us kids to talk to our relatives about our dad and what they remember about that time. I've also run across some of the people that went to war with him. So while we never were able to talk to him directly about it, we gained some insight from people that knew him that didn't mind us asking questions and talking about it. I feel fortunate in that.
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I just enjoy learning. I have said for a very long time, I wish there was a way to become a professional student. This afternoon I was flipping through channels and came across a show that was about castles, and this particular episode was about the only Royal Castle built in the US. It was built in Hawaii before it became part of the US. It also taught the history of Hawaii.

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Lots of things... Ancient history, programming, the future of the planet, outer space, augmented reality design, game design and animation, music of the Weimar Republic. The list of things I'd like to learn more about is literally endless.

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Just about anything ... Especially if it's trivial.

I mean, just this last weekend, I was flipping through channels and stopped on one (History?) talking about WW2 ... And they were talking about how the NAZIs were so about "purity of race" and exercise - but also saw no problem with using drugs.  And even Hitler actually used a pre-cursor of crystal meth.

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There's irony, right?
They were all about keeping their bodies pure ... but saw no problem using drugs to enhance themselves.
Walt O'Reagun
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Also ... Hitler had relatives who were insane, which marked him as "unpure" according to the NAZI criteria.

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