Imagine that you are a poor farm worker living in an English colony in the mid-1800s. You have lost your arm in an accident and can no longer perform your duties on the farm. Expresses your feelings about your future prospects?


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Back in those days .. People suffered and endured all kinds of health related hardships .. And still continued to do their duties.  If they couldn't it could plausibly mean their family would starve or freeze to death during cold winter months.  People in a community helped each other as much as they could .. And charity (both giving and receiving) was a frequent routine. If you were sick .. 

You still plowed your fields .. If you lost a limb, you still plowed your fields .. There was no such thing as workman's compensation or insurance to cover living expenses during an illness .. Back then, if you didn't grow it and harvest it you didn't eat.

In a colony  If for example someone suffered an incapacitating injury, they would be required to something they 'could' do .. Everyone had a job and were expected to contribute in one way or another.

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Good answer! You are exactly right... The poverty law that was passed at that time (Elizabethan Poor Law) allows the family to receive outdoor relief help. If need be aid that would come right to the home would supply food etc. and yes jobs that he could still perform would be there to replace old duties on the farm or elsewhere.
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I know that I can still work after I heal. There are many one armed people who adapt to having only one hand , arm or leg. I have the rest of my extended family to help support the family where it comes to hard labor. My future prospects have not changed that much since we take care of our own and all pull the weight together.

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Lie on your back and use your feet as a bar stool

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This sounds suspiciously like a school assignment...

yours, not ours.  While I could always be wrong, the objective is generally for YOU to do YOUR own thinking.

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If  id have any kids id initiate them to do the work , or ask relatives for help or friends, at this point of life I would feel extremely broken, but a hope would still be there.

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