As A Library Prefect, What Do You Think Are Your Responsibilities And Moral Values That You Should Have While Performing Your Duties?


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To become a library prefect, the first and most important thing is that you love, or at least like books. The responsibilities of the prefect are to promote the library’s purpose t those around you and get the support of the people in the various things that the library wants to do. Another important thing to keep in mind is that what ever the library prefect does is and should be reported to the staff members above you. The day to day responsibility of the person will be to help in the various operations especially the collection of overdue books because it is the library prefect not the librarian who will go out so in this way he/she acts like an assistant to the librarian. In addition to this, the library prefect’s duty is also to deal with other matters that may come up.
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In ancient times a prefect was a high-ranking official serving as a department head, in the military or the government. Today, depending upon the country, the role relates to one with administrative duties: a department head, chief of police, and in England, this can also be a student responsible for discipline in a library setting.

So, today a library prefect would be an adult or a student who is responsible for keeping order, encouraging and enforcing silence and respect for others. Offering guidance and help when requested by others.

The student prefect would probably be chosen because
he/she possesses the qualities of self-control, respect for the rights of others, and the ability to enforce discipline when appropriate.

The prefect would need the ability to use card catalogues and other materials effeciently and effectively in order assist those in need of assistance.

Good luck as a prefect!

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