What are the best study tips to be successful in advanced math classes for a college student who is a visual learner and especially solving math word problems?


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Get a study group. Get a private room in the library. Turn off your cellphones and laptops. 

Work the white board like nobody's business.

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When it came to solving math word problems I would write down each relevant fact as I read the story / problem. So I could see what was being discussed and eventually what I needed to use to solve the problem.

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I'm a visual learner too and I always benefited from studying math in groups. If I didn't understand there was always someone who did and could explain the work in front of me. You'd be surprised how much you can get done in a small group of dedicated students rather than on your own. For word problems, pick them apart and write out only the relevant information. I've found their less intimidating written out in a way where its easier to see and understand rather than in their original word form. Hope that makes sense. Best of luck.

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Find some real motivation. Your motivation should inform your methods. If all you want is good grades in high school and a firm understandig of what's happening, it's enough to stick to a rigorous regimen of studying and tuitions.If you want to be ready for a competitive exam, however, you will need to go to a professional training center for Math Homework Help..

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You can try and create illustrations for the problems. Try and make charts and figures and graphs to plot patterns or other necessary things related to your problems. Also spend some time looking at your own work, at how you arrived at solutions. You can also see how other people are solving problems online--whether they are using diff. Methods/approaches. Bartleby's Advanced Math section is one place I can think of. I'm sure there are other options, too.

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