Did you know that when people ask "homework" questions that it's nice to help them on the right track? Instead of just telling them to do it themselves? We all had a little help when we were kids. Give them a break and help them get started, OK?


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Well, all this time i had the same idea but i never expressed. Thought i'd be rude. Sometimes it's deeper than just take an answer cause "the person is lazy" no!

-Sometimes something happens, we lose time not because we waste it, what a about a student who also works ? He wants to take help from people on here or anywhere else to do things faster & he need to face so much carelessness by the people & be left alone.

-Sometimes a student ask something after trying hard to solve it but can't, now asking to know it before the class, to just have a prepared mind.

-Sometimes someone is totally untalented in a particular topics, like myself, i hate physics, i can't do math & physics that easily, i'm not good for those numbers, & any math test or class would be a complete nightmare to me, i would rather be punched for 30 min than face math lessons or homework by the teacher. I was like that, now if i suppose to ask a bit of math questions here to be able to learn more so i could pass math & keep my overall grades up to not fail because something i'm not good at but i've been forced to do it. & no one would help ? It's kinda cruel.

-Or someone who stuck with a bad teacher with a bad attitude & parents busy & not enough money to afford an extra teacher, what about them ? 

& so many other conditions.

If we don't wanna give the complete answer, a bit of "guide" would do the job.

So i'm so agree on it.

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Rooster Cogburn
Rooster Cogburn commented
Excellent ! That's all I ask !
Matt Radiance
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@Sin thank you for backing me up, about your answer, you expressed very good points, nothing wrong with what you said & i'm sure nobody gonna be mad at you. you did great as usual & we would appreciate your efforts & all the ideas you share. so. don't feel guilty about it. you've done great. :)

@Rooster, i feel ya! i'm so happy that you asked this question! it's been a good one to mention and discuss.
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There is a difference between asking for help and asking for us to do the question for them.

If they ask for help, then I will help them. If it looks like they are asking me to do their work for them (which won't help their education at all), then I will tell them to do it themselves.


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Usually one is given a problem sheet of 10 to 15 problems of which 12 you can solve yourself. Then there are the tough ones that people need to have done for them so thy can analogize to other like problems.

This is especially true in math problems.

So, to say " do your own homework " is not only unnecessary it is more than likely highly inaccurate.

Some of the problems I do here in the science section are only approachable by myself and a few others. So help, do the problem or don't do the problem. As far as I know there is no prohibition here on HW questions, so why tell someone to do their own HW?

I see that happening at other q and a sites and those site turn into intellectual wastelands where the " questions " could be posed and answered by five year old children.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Exactly ! It doesn't hurt to help them or guide them in the right direction. That's one the reasons they come here to ask. I'll delete any more of those answers like that. Give the people the benefit of the doubt !
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If they're asking for the answer ... Not help ... I try to "leave it be".
But if they post multiple questions, just asking us for the answer - that really "gets my goat" and I have a hard time not answering.

What really ticks me off, is when the question is clearly a college-level one.  If you're in college, you should know how to do your own research ... And not ask other people to do it for you.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I agree. If I can help them find their own answers, I will. If it's just multiple questions like you said, just ignore them. Best policy.
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If someone said ''How do you expand brackets?'' I would do my best to explain it, but if they said ''What is the expanded form of (2x - 1) (x + 3)?'' then I don't, or I would just tell them how to expand brackets and let them apply it to their question.

The ones I totally ignore are multiple choice ones or multiple questions that are the same or similar.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Sure ! You always have the option to just not answer. But there are times when you can give them a link or such that will help them find their answer on their own. Instead of some of these rude answers. Ignore or try to help but not always answer for them.
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I will try and be more kind in my answers, Rooster, and try and point the individual in the right direction. I will refrain from answering if it's just blatant - do my homework for me - kind of deal. Thanks for bringing this up.

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Danae Hitch
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Yes, I can do that. Thank you for your guidance in this area. It's nice to have it defined.
Rooster Cogburn
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Just someone was really rude and nasty to a kid this morning and I really thought he just wanted help, not abuse. We didn't have these sites when I was a kid. It would have been nice to have an adult guide you in the right direction and come up with your own answer.
Danae Hitch
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Agreed. Again, thank you for your insight on this. I think this should help everyone going forward.
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For me, it's one thing when someone wants info on how to find the answer.  When someone is asking for the actual answer, that's when I have an issue. 

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