What science did you do in high school?


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Lol! The science I did out of highschool, was much more fun!

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K. B.  Baldwin
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True. My buddy and I were into chemistry. Discovered that certain chemical reactions are very energetic and make a very satisfying "Boom" sound.
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Ha sounds fun. I was crazy then and here is the proof but I dont sign into that account really anymore so probably wont respond: https://www.youtube.com/user/MacsCanfly/videos
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I loved the R-candy but sending rockets into the sky was not exactly "neighborly" :S
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We didn't have a choice of which field of science to study in high school. We had 3 years of general science with a semester dedicated to biology. We dissected a frog, it was pretty cool.

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Chemical science, Physical science, Biology, and I'm taking ag science next year.

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You could qargue that I "did" physics, chemestry, and two years of biology.  My instructors migh make a different arguement. 

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I remember biology and chemistry in 10th and 11th grade, but i cannot remember any other though I am sure there had to be. Maybe earth sciences in 9th grade?

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