Is 1/6 greater than 1/9?


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Yes, it is greater.

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Think about it!! Take a pie cut it into 6 pieces, then take another pie and cut it into 9 pieces, which has larger pieces? Every piece of the pie cut into 6 pieces is 1/6th and every piece cut into 9 pieces is 1/9th .

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Charles Davis
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Sigh, guess he failed math as well.
Charles Davis
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I just found it, and although not quite as you stated, it carries the same connotation.
"You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry enough to eat six"
Didge Doo
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He was a funny man.
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If you were to give them a common denominator (make the bottom number the same)...

Let's take 54 because 6x9=54

1/6 = 9/54

(do the same to the top of the fraction as you did to the bottom, in this case what you did to the bottom of the fraction was multiplying by nine)

1/9 = 6/54

(again, so the same to the numerator (top) as you do to the denominator (bottom))

9/54 is greater than 6/54

So 1/6 is greater than 1/9.

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