Are you one of those people who loves to correct people's grammar? Does it annoy people when you do it or do they appreciate it? How do you try to tone it back when people get annoyed?


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I'm supposed to do it for the site because they want proper grammar and I will at times to help someone out but that's the only reason. I'm sorry if they get annoyed but it's part of my job. If they get upset, I'm sorry as I'm only trying to help is all.

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I've seen that movie. It's about flying bombing missions in some new bomber at the time.
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Saga of the US Air Force special bomber unit during the Cold War era. A professional baseball player is recalled to military service because of the expert flying skills he acquired during World War II. Although the athlete and his wife are both reluctant to give up civilian life, both come to realize the importance of the defense mission. The film features spectacular aerial footage of big bombers on maneuvers.
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To do so would be like shooting myself in the foot.

I have pretty reasonable grammar and spelling but when I get on the Internet my fingers take on a life of their own and I'm often appalled at some of the errors that find their way into my posts. Sure, sloppy writing can be irritating and is most certainly bad communication, but I'm not going to be the one to point it out...

Unless, of course it's so comical that there's a laugh to be had by underlining it. >:-)

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

It really annoys me when someone doesn't use proper grammar, especially when it is a simple error. However, I don't say anything because I make mistakes too and am guilty of not knowing some aspects of grammar. Like comas. I still don't understand when to use them at some times.

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I don't "love" to correct a person's grammar, but correct grammar improves communication---and I am pleased when I don't have to interpret a question or answer to determine what a person is trying to ask or say.

If a question about grammar usage is posted, I will usually answer it if I see it.

If I do answer it, I usually give either a reference or an explanation.

I seldom initiate an unsolicited "correction."

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No, unless I'm helping someone with an impotent letter.  I make mistakes, not intentionally but sometimes I just get tried, having stared at a computer screen all day.  Hence, I have a tendency to bypass udders.

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