Do you find it annoying when it is obvious that people try to use Blurtit to get homework done?


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Arthur Wright answered
Sure and itll catch up with them when they cant perform the same thing in a test at school so theyre only hurting themselves by taking an easy road out here. A little help wont hurt but to do the whole thing isnt fair to other students who dont have access to the Internet. Now on Blurtit, if it werent for these questions, there probably wouldnt be too many questions on here
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I could care less!!  If they don't know how they got the answer then it''ll only hurt THEM later when they need to solve these equations on the spot (Tests,SAT's,etc)
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Ray Ottewell answered
No they a using there initiative.
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Arthur Wright
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I totally disagree with you my friend on this one as it really doesnt tke much initiative to find an easy way out of anything. We all do it but this is one area they shouldnt be using their initiative on, as they wont always have their computers with them so theyre only misleading themselves

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