Don't you think it's necessary for each American citizen to know/memorize our each state's constitution or at least the state they used to live in ? (it is in my opinion) what do you think ?


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Every American should have a good knowledge of the national Constitution. That's where our rights and laws originate from. It also sets the stage for the state level constitutions.

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Not really but everyone should have some knowledge of them to an extent. They should read it during their school years to gain that knowledge but it's not really necessary.

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Matt Radiance
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I could be agree! i don't know so much about all details of each state either but i know lots of paragraphs of California Constitution. and i have it's papers and PDF file! anytime forget something i'll check on it! mainly because i related mostly to CA so i find it necessary to know what's going on in my state! but don't you think it would better if we know ? i mean would makes us to know our laws better so we don't break it! 2.It would remind us our rights. 3.Inform us what's legal and illegal in the state we live in. and specially if i move from one state to another! there might so many detail differences in law and local lifestyles! so reading constitutions makes us to cope better and feel more comfortable! what do you think ! ? am i too careful! ? lol!
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Make it into a rap "song" and many citizens will have it memorized in a few days.

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Walt O'Reagun
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I'd argue the "good" of American students knowing the Pledge ... when the vast majority of them don't really know what our Republic stands for. I mean, how can it stand for anything if the Constitution is a "living document" - changeable at the whims of politicians?
Matt Radiance
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@Hippy: That is bad! but the positive point i can find is we don't generalize it with everyone ! so we can be hopeful there be less people like that the same time i wouldn't think all schools today would be like that! however! let's say all the schools are without national anthem. school shouldn't be the only hope and place for our citizens to learn and be informed about loyalty and love for the country and our national anthems, principles and allegiance, in my point of view, it must be a principle we all find within ourselves! we can simply find national anthem with a tone of lyric videos in youtube and google search! there's no excuse for these kind of students to be ignorant about our national anthem or the type of principle we carry! not just this! today's teenagers need to be also connected about what kind of gift they own. the freedom they have and this freedom didn't poured from sky,
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we lost lives, we payed the priced, these students shouldn't just know about national anthem but to know the freedom we earned wasn't for free. we earned freedom because of our brave. and they need to carry it's legacy of braveness,loyalty, love, allegiance and patriotism. even myself i'm not happy with things that i know already! i want more and more! i recently got articles and books about every single president in our past to know about every man who took the lead of our country, to know about all the ideas and principles that carried out. about decisions been made and their life's story.and everything that happens from the past to today's life of our country ect . . .
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To try and give you a meaningful answer, I just checked out the Texas State Constitution.


The Preamble has 12 pages in it.

Article 1 (of 17 articles) has 33 sections in it, covering 11 pages.

It turns out that Texas has the second longest state constitution, Vermont has the shortest.

Here's a link to a map of the number of words in each state constitution:

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Matt Radiance
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I understand the concept you representing. I'm not memorized all state's constitutions. but i know some concept of each. but in particular, i know simply most part of California Constitution and it's articles and sections. and anytime i forget something or find it hard to remember, i will look at it again! and the fact is everyday i take moments to read different part of it. just like someone choose to read a book. i read Cali's constitution and check with it's updates as well.
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Then don't use a word like "necessary" and then predicate it with two verbs with different meanings.

The definition of "necessary" is "required to be done, achieved, or present; needed; essential."

So NO, it is not necessary. Whether it might be useful would depend on the individual. It is pretty much useless to bother knowing or memorizing the names of all the human neurotransmitters before you start thinking whether 2 plus 2 is 4 or not.
Matt Radiance
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I don't know how you got to that! but my opinion is "Literally Necessary" and i'm aware of it's concept. it's necessary for me and i already know it and always reviewing my state's constitution to keep it memorized. but other states just knowing the whole concept and i find it enough! if i wanted to live and move to other states. then i'll surely will start reading and memorized that state's constitution as well. cause if i suppose to live in that state. it will be "Necessary" for me to know what's going on in it exactly inch by inch!
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No ... But they should know how to find it.

I don't have the national Constitution memorized ... But I have a pocket reference of it.

I don't have my state Constitution memorized ... But I know how to find it online, or at a local library.

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Jann Nikka
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Agree :)
Matt Radiance
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Great point! we can simply have it to check when we don't remember everything! i'm doing the same thing as you said! of course in my opinion, we don't have to memorize word by word but the concept!

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