What would you change about the U.S. educational system?


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There needs to be more hands on learning and more real life application practice. Students need to see how the rings they learn play out in the real world

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If I could change anything it would be: Higher salaries for teachers and free education. Including undergraduate college and advanced degrees.

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First ... I would show that money is NOT the answer to the troubles in the system.  After all, public schools spend more money than private schools and get worse results.  Therefore, it's not a lack of funding.

Second ... I would encourage more home schooling and private schools, and let parents have vouchers to send their kid to the school of their choice.

Third ... I would have history books written as close to "neutral" as possible.  EG: Yes, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor - but the US was already involved in a covert war against the Empire of Japan.

Fourth ... All "textbooks" would be in electronic form, to be easily updated "instantly" with new discoveries.

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Walt O'Reagun
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Public schools ARE failing ... no, strike that ... they HAVE failed. And it has NOTHING to do with lack of funding. As I point out; private/home schooling is FAR more successful, with FAR less funding.

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