To become a police officer which subject do I have to chose in high school?


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The police officer selection process and required exams in the US
  • The civil service exam: This is the first step to becoming accepted into a police officer training program. To start with, you must complete the application and take the civil service tested that is administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS).
  • After passing this particular test, the Department of Citywide Administrative Services notifies the relevant authorities of your eligibility.

  • Character screening, fingerprinting, medical exam, education and military check: These police officer requirements are all checked in one single day and if you fail in any of them, you won’t be allowed to proceed to the next step.
  • Character investigation: Apart from the mentioned police officer requirements, all prospective police officer candidates must undergo a more detailed personal character screening. This is done face to face with an investigator who studies your application in a more detailed manner and addresses discrepancies that may arise while at it.
  • Written psychological exam: To be sure that the recruiters are recruiting individuals with mental profiles that are consistent to contribute positively to police work, the recruiting state normally administers a standard written psychological examination which has to be passed so as to proceed to the next level.

Other exams that have to be passed before a recruit could proceed to the next level include oral psychological evaluation and the job standard test. Apart from these police officer requirements and joining necessities, you must also take a pre-hire interview which you must emerge successfully from.

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