I'm wondering about some ancestor stuff. When did the majority of Italian immigration to America occur?


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It really got going in 1890 but there were others before then, just not in such heavy numbers. 1913 was a record year as 3 million Italian immigrants came to the U.S. These are the recorded amounts. There is a graph on this site that will give you even more info if you need it.

History of Italian Immigration 

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Immigration has always been a very important aspect for the development of nations, America is no exception. Even now, a lot of people are dislike of immigration to their countries. My best friends came to the United States as immigrants and if our country had a different policy, I probably would not have met them. To make new acquaintances among representatives of other cultures is also quite interesting. My friends tried to get a work permit for a long time. Then, on the advice of their immigration lawyer, they filled out the form Form I-687 Application for Status as a Temporary Resident Under Section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act. And that's all, now they are official able-bodied citizens of the United States. And I think this is normal

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