I feel my son can do good in Technology as he has got the bent towards the same. He is always interested in technology. Can someone tell me how can I help him pursue this hobby after school hours? I am based in Delhi NCR.


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Search "STEM activities" and a multitude of sites come up. You can find a lot of sites for "science fair projects."  Googling "homeschool projects" yields more.  Here's a site to get you started.

If you are on Pinterest, you can also search there for Engineering projects.  Be sure to choose one that sparks his imagination and you can have fun together.  Learning is a joy.  :)

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You might also look at the Instructables" website.  Not formal learn ing, but a lot of technology involved projectsd that are interesting, hands-on, and dometimeds fawsirly cheap to do. 

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Delhi NCR reminds me of NOIDA, where you have Genesis Global School's Genesis Learning Studios. GLS had a range of programs from which you can choose your child to be in. GLS Robotics can prove top be a good place for your son. For more details do visit GLS's official website.

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