Isn't it not fair that some kids have to go to school on their birthday?


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I had to go to school on my birthday. The lunch lady, who was my next door neighbor, always served spaghetti (my favorite) on my birthday and I always got an extra scoop.

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Without really wanted to be a grammar Nazi, if kids went to school more often they would probably know the difference between "Isn't it not fair?" and "Isn't it unfair?" and they would know the difference between "there" and "their".

Maybe those kids had better grab all the education they can get while they can still get it. :)

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Ancient Hippy
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Dat's rite, noone no's they're grammar now adays.
Didge Doo
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Boy, that Hippy must have had a lot of birthdays. He probably stayed home on Fred Jenkins's birthday, too. >:-/
Ancient Hippy
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I ONLY went to school on my birthday. Took the rest of the year off.
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No, these has nothing to do with each other. Birthday is birthday , it can't be used as an excuse to get off of school. We can't be off of our important events due any excuse that we can find. School is not 24 hours. The longest would be half a day, and you have so much hours for the rest of the day to have fun and throw party.

People have to go to school and do work, they have to stay awake so late and find lack of sleep and rest, still they are carrying on. If something would be unfair. There's much priorities than a birthday.

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Not if one is over 5 years old.

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Going to school was fun. My friends would bring me gifts. Now going to work on your birthday? That is a whole other story.

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I remember being in prison on my birthday the tdcj gaurd lady was nice and gave me extra cake

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Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean that you should get a day off.  You don't get any days off in the real world, and there is no reason to have your birthday off unless you want to have extra homework as a catch-up birthday present.

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