Why are some people happier doing nothing? Are they truly happy with their lives or do they have no choice but to do nothing because they can not work or go to school?


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It's probably a combination of both Maxine.Some people can't handle stress or pressure and take the supposed "easy way" out of the rat race and do nothing.While there are always some others, who through no fault of their own, have no other choice as they can't find a job or a college.I don't think anybody is ever happy doing nothing, it's okay for a while I'm sure, but it becomes demoralising eventually.
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KrazyOffic XD answered
They either don't see a future , are lazy or jus unmotivated :)
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Arthur Wright answered
Theyre here to give us active people something to look and think about when we start questioning what the other side of the street would be like.  Some people are just happy this way for some strange reason

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