I have a zero in the course rn. What's left is a paper tht's 30%, a reflection tht's 15%, and final exam tht's 25% and modules tht is 5%. Can I still get a 60% overall. What would be the lowest I could get in the things listed above to get a C?


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Everything you have listed here is 75%. So you have a little wiggle room, if you don't quite ace it all. I suggest you get focused and get busy.

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Thank you so much!! Yeah i've got to get cracking but i'm serious and really going to take action. By wiggle room, do you mean that even if I don't get high grades on the remaining things but at least get 60% I can get a C grade. I'm going to work hard and get no less than 70% (my aim is higher than that though) on all of those things. Will that allow me to finish the course with 60%. I'm sorry if this is silly but i'm bad at math and I REALLY appreciate your answer. I so many regrets (i'm recovering from alcohol addiction and I really wish I didn't let it get in the way of school)
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It means you don't need to get 100% on the work you have yet to do, but you need to try for it.. Addiction is a tough thing. I have seen what it can do to people. Be sure to have someone help you get through this and support you in stopping drinking.

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