I am not a smart as i used to be? I used to be an A student. i seemed to be smart up until sophomore year of high school. Junior year i started going down and just feeling depressed. Now in college and i got no motivation and dont care about future.


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It's hard to think while you're depressed and many people get depressed during this time in your life . Going into adulthood is a lot of stress and work.

Do you think you could possibly check with your doctor and discuss your loss of motivation? They have all sorts of experience with this and can help you.

Whatever you do,  DON'T  "self medicate"...that means do any drugs, marijuana,  or drink liquor to deal with your confusion . That messes up your brain as it is still developing until you're about age 25-27.

Then you will find yourself in a really big ness if you self medicate. You are still smart, you are just a little lost right now ,and this happens to everyone at one time or another in their lives.

.PLEASE see you doctor for help and I wish you the best . You'll be okay if you just ask for help from the right people.

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