What does general environment mean?


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Really? Was that a real question?

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Go outside your front door. Look around . That's your "general environment".


It is a business term.....used in describing the business world and how it's doing.  Businesses do poorly, or well, according to how the society they are in are doing:

1.    Economically---how much money is available and circulating around by purchasing (buying things)  to keep businesses going

2.    Politically----who is running the country and their policies, this includes all politicians . How happy or angry are people at those people and how they are doing their job?

3.      Financially - this  ties in with economically,  but it means how many people have jobs, how many are out of work,  how many are on government assistance (help) ? What is the "feel" of the finances among the people? If they have no money, then they can't spend it to keep business going. Those businesses then have to close. People lose more jobs and on and on.

4.      Societal----- meaning social climate - meaning how happy or distressed are the people in the society. Are they angry at no jobs? Are they happy there are enough jobs? Do people feel prejudiced against? Do people feel no one one is listening to their concerns?

All of this makes up the "general environment" .

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